Cargo bike Routing
Riding cargo bikes smooth and efficient.


We are an interdisciplinary team, focusing on all about sustainable mobility. Operating as team CargoRocket since the MobiData BW Hackathon 2020.

Team member
David Prenninger

Application development and operations specialist.

Team member
Alexandra Kapp

Geodata / GIS Expert. Juggling the data.

Team member
Henri Chilla

Bike enthusiast and OpenStreetMap integrator.


CargoRocket wants to significantly support the trend towards more cargo bike logistics and thus more sustainable mobility. To this end, we develop customised solutions for the use of cargo bikes, especially for commercial entrepreneurs. At the moment, the bicycle infrastructure does not exist or does not meet the standards that cargo bicycles require. Our declared goal is therefore: seamless & efficient cargo bike riding, especially in urban areas. CargoRocket wants to make it as easy as possible to ride cargo bikes. Openness and transparency of findings, data sources and software tools are important to us. Therefore, we accompany the development of our work in our blog.

CargoRocket App

There is an [Android smartphone app](( for trying out and using our cargo bike routing solution. An iOS app is in development. With it, we make good infrastructure tangible.


As a basis for our cargo bike applications, we are constantly developing our CargoBikeIndex. It rates roads and paths according to their cargo bike friendliness. In this way, we draw attention to potential infrastructure problems and can at the same time recommend the best infrastructure for people.

CargoRocket API

For using our services such like routing, we provide an easy to use API. This can be integrated in external applications and services.

Girl on cargo bike


07 Jul 2021 - Unsere CargoRocket Mobile App

Entwicklung einer multi-Plattform Navigations-Applikation

31 May 2021 - Der Technische Aufbau unseres Lastenrad Routing

Wie wir unser Lastenrad Routing gebaut haben.

20 May 2021 - Lastenradfahrer:innen für Interviews gesucht!

20€ Aufwandsentschädigung für Feedback zum CargoBikeIndex.

16 May 2021 - CargoBikeIndex

Bewertung der Lastenradtauglichkeit für die Indexberechnung.


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The CargoRocket project was funded by the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg for three months in 2021 as part of a follow-up grant to the hackathon 'MobiDataBW Hackathon 2020'.